You don't always have to have salt in your food.
But you definitely know when it’s missing.

That's us. theSALT. We’re not the main ingredient in the marketing recipe. But without us, the dish is incomplete. Without us, there’s less flavour and your marketing strategy is missing a vital component, influencer marketing.

Through influencer marketing, including word of mouth conversations, social media engagement and networking outreach, theSALT creates engagement and bottom line results for our clients.

Salt is not only the final touch to your recipe, but without it your body won’t run at its best. You may have a campaign that talks to your market, but without theSALT, it will lack that final ingredient – the pinch of salt that completes your marketing drive.

The value of influencer marketing

Brands have realized that the most success is achieved when happy customers tell the brand's story, on their behalf. Enter the real Brand Ambassador.

We believe that successful brand engagement isn't about talking to your customers; it’s about talking with them.
Carefully executed ambassadorships are a way that brands can speak to consumers at their level, and regain some of the trust that’s been lost along the way.


Helping you to execute successful ambassadorships


theSALT is a dynamic company where influencer driven marketing is the final seasoning to a campaign's success. From the beginning stage of influencer discovery to final feedback, we ensure that our influencers work as perfect accessories to your campaign.

theSALT is about everyday consumers - ordinary people who command a platform and have a voice that holds sway over an audience. Savvy brands need to use these people as part of their marketing strategies. theSALT helps them to find the most valuable influencers in relation to the brand. We seek natural influencers - those who would drive the most valuable conversations through offline word of mouth and online social interactions.

To give your marketing that extra flavour, just add theSALT.

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Our influencers sharing how convenient it is to get a quote from Budget Insurance, why it is beneficial and how they can help their friends to do so (which they have been doing). #InfluencerMarketing #WOMM ... See MoreSee Less

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Customers who already love and use a product can share how it personally helps them. These personal endorsements not only provides info to their audience about the product but can also influence a purchasing decision. Tibb Health Sciences (Pty) Ltd #InfluencerMarketing #UGC ... See MoreSee Less

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Cell C have embarked on another #InfluencerMarketing campaign with us where they are using their customers to spread info and their own personal experiences with the network. It's great to have a brand like Cell C back on board and we are excited to see this campaign unfold! #InfluencerDriven ... See MoreSee Less

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