Help consumers beat the ‘Januworry’ blues, by introducing an innovative loan with a two-month payment break.
Encourage them to apply for a loan over the festive season.


Educate community members about the USPs of African Bank loans.
Take African Bank’s consumers from “Hololo to Dololo” i.e. from nothing to something.

Brand Love

Build brand love by regaining trust and a good reputation with their target audience.
Create this trust in a short space of time, as the particular message had to be executed during the festive period.


The African Bank team met with influencers at a briefing.
They received education on the campaign objectives and requirements as well as became part of the African Bank family.
Armed with in-depth knowledge as well as theSALT’s conversation triggers, conversations happened.
 In a short time, trust was created around the loan offer, as the message had to be executed during the festive period.


theSALT selected influencers with the following characteristics:

• African Bank customers
• Influencers who have more complex financial needs
• Geo-targeted near an African Bank branch
• Active on Social Media
• Involved with community projects & gatherings, such as charity work to show goodwill


theSALT was able to successfully produce the following outcomes:

• Loan applications
• Increas levels of brand engagement through user-generated content
• Database growth and website traffic


• Branded vehicles offered visual exposure as well as a stimulated conversation amongst the community.
• African Bank chose a fresh, stand out design highlighting the “Hololo to Dololo” tagline, contact details & an SMS shortcode.


• The “Hololo to Dololo” theme drew people into conversations about loans – a category which is not ordinarily topical.
• Fun as well as informative user-generated content is created.
• The shortcode displayed on vehicles received mention in social post to assist influencers’ friend with the loan process.
• Social media posts triggered online conversations.




“Influencers served to reinforce the above the line messaging and act as brand ambassadors.
Learning something about your brand from someone from your community carries a lot of ways. We believe influencers and car branding are conversation starters online and off-line.”

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