Consumers Knowledge

Increase product consumers knowledge of  Bio-Strath within specific environments.

Influencer Circles

Grow the brand to a frequently consumed product within influencers circles.

Product Benefits

Encourage consumers to see the benefits together with uses of Bio-Strath.

Target Market

Target current and new social, active mothers who need an extra boost for their on the go lifestyles.


Interactive day training where Bio-Strath met their influencers.
Influencers learn the history and beginning of Bio-Strath.
Education on the various USP’s as well as health pillars of      Bio-Strath to convey to communities via influencers.
Influencers received Goodie Bags and samples to distribute in daily environments.



• Bio-Strath wanted a bold and eye-catching branding element to create big interest as well as awareness.
• Here, the distinctive blue and yellow played a vital part in brand recognition, as well as tied into creative across platforms.
• Influencers engaged within their micro-communities with these elements.


• Themed tasks assisted influencers in creating unique content to share with their online communities.
• Social media posts address the benefits of the product and how it helps in their daily routines.
• Recipes, instructions as well as various elements Bio-Strath assists the body with is also shared.



The influencers received a variety of samples as well as education pamphlets to hand out to relevant consumers.
In-depth, educational and personal stories are shared along with providing the sample.


“What stands out for me is people commenting how they use it already and it works well, others who are new to it will feel a difference”

“There is so much that people don’t know about the brand and they are pleasantly surprised after chatting with me”

“At the mall parking in Newcastle, a lady parked next to got out of her car and greeted. She had just come back from visiting her daughter who is at a boarding school (Grade10) in Vryheid. The lady told me how specific her daughter is on the list of things she had to purchase for her. She said her daughter is very articulate in class and flies on her grades.”

“Mom, I am stressed, I need my Bio-Strath please otherwise not having it will mess up my exams.” We laughed on how our kids are aware of what benefits them mentally and otherwise and I told her she must make sure that she tells her she saw a Bio-Strath ambassador) as well as we wish her all the best in her exams.

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