Create conversation on the short-term insurance offering by utilising current clients.


Facilitate education through influencers focusing on the USP’s offered by Budget.
State personal stories about how Budget personally assists the influencers.


Get trusted influencers that create a warm contact between interested consumers as well as sales agents.

Online Content

Create positive online User Generated Content as well as engagement which is often hard for service brands to create.


 Training session where the Budget team met the influencers.
Influencers were trained to engage with their community members about the various USP’s/offerings of Budget.
Remind them to tell their personal story of why Budget works.
Influencers received Budget branded collateral to welcome them into the family.

budget insurance


• Influencers shared as well as created unique and authentic themed content.
• They had to share this with their online communities.
• The social media scenes spoke about the importance of having insurance as well as insured personal belongings.
• Also, how Budget Insurance assisted them to Budget and save.


• The branding included an engaging question that tied into the overall campaign of why you cannot afford to not Budget.
• Also, an SMS short code for interested consumers to enquire about a quote/SMS when seeing the vehicle is visible.
• Armed with in-depth knowledge, conversations took place within the influencers’ micro-communities.

budget insurance


As part of the Budget Insurance campaign, the influencers downloaded the Budget App.
This allowed them to insert interested consumers details to receive a quote based on their personal needs.


“After I tell people that Budget beat my last insurer’s quote by R100 and that their service is amazing, they seriously consider contacting Budget. People approach me with complaints about their insurers and looking for reassurance from me that Budget is superior.”- Tayla Calcott

“People asked me if I have saved and how I benefit. They show interested in switching to budget after chatting about my experience”- Prudence Mukhari

“Due to the changes seen in my life, I explain how the insurance is working, they then became so interested and giving positive feedback and very curious at the same time. Many people asking me if they can receive a quote”- Jaqueline Mabona

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