Leverage working African beauty queens who are existing Dettol fans.
These fans take pride in their skin and their appearance to drive trial within their micro-communities on a daily basis.


Facilitate education through influencers focusing on USP’s of the new soap.


Highlight that Dettol Eventone has the best of both worlds:
• Dettol’s antiseptic/germ detergent properties.
• Luxurious moisturising as well as exfoliating granules with a delicious scent.


 An interactive personal training session with the team.
Influencers received training on how to engage with their community about the USP’s of Dettol eventone Pomegranate.
Also, receiving of samples to use as well as to distribute to interested consumers off the back of a positive conversation.



• The campaign focused on the new pomegranate fragrance.
• The trigger was the vehicle branding, including a pack shot of the bold fresh pomegranate visuals.
• This enticed interest and questions about the product.
• Armed with in-depth knowledge, conversations took place within the influencers’ micro-communities.


• Themed and scheduled tasks had influencers create unique as well as authentic content to share online.
• Influencers social media scenes spoke about how Dettol ties into their lifestyle.
• Also, how the soap has enhanced their skin as well as their confidence.



Influencers received Dettol eventone Pomegranate samples to hand out to interested consumers.
Distributing these samples to multiple individuals followed high impact conversations in key environments.


“Works wonders on your body, soothing as well as leaving skin smooth, moisturised and refreshed”.
Nhupa Tikiti

“They tried the product (from the sample I gave them) and they LOVE it especially the fragrance”.
– Nosipho Buthelezi

“It started with my son at home, he showed me that his eczema disappeared after he was using the Dettol soap. My friends are also so pleased as their skin is so soft”.
– Ziyanda Mbutuma

“I was forced to wear makeup before I started eventone pomegranate. Now I don’t worry because it keeps my skin moisturized all day. I love it’s fragrance more than anything”.
– Vargie Baloyi

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