Increase awareness as well as education around natural remedies against colds and flu’s during winter months.


Sampling in key environments to encourage trial of the product.


Encourage consumers to see the benefits/USP’s of Echinaforce.

Target Market

Target HHI mothers who are current users, with age-specific children. Select fans of natural medicines to bring trust to the doubt of this medicine.


Echinaforce hosted a training breakfast session where influencers were met in person and welcomed into the family.
Influencers listened to the history of Echinaforce as well as what the USP’s and benefits of the product are.
Goodie bags, as well as samples of Echinaforce, was received.
Influencers will distribute these samples in key environments.



• A simple but effective vehicle design for Echinaforce.
• The design incorporated a clear message as well as a pack-shot image.
• This triggered conversation around dealing with colds and flu in the influencers daily environments.


• Themed social media scenes posted by influencers created unique and authentic content to their online communities.
• Influencers created as well as shared unique content online.
• The pre-scheduled social media scenes by the influencers discuss personal experience with Echinaforce.



Influencers received both a signature Echinaforce umbrella as well as various samples to distribute.
These items are unique to the brand and their TV advertisement.


• “The campaign is run well. People know the brand, but marketing reminds them. There are many meds available, it confuses people.”
• “The product is amazing and people will recommend it. Keep up the good work.”
• “The briefing session was amazing. I wish everyone I know could get all that interesting info as well.”
• “I am enjoying it and found that people actually listen to me on the information. 
People who like natural products love the brand as well as use it. After informing them on how it works, they love it even more.”

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