Educate consumers on the role Essential Phospholipids (EPL) play as building blocks of cell membranes, as well as liver cells.
Also, inform potential consumers on the importance of everyday liver health.


Leverage influencers trust within their communities.
Dispel the misconception that a liver supplement is only necessary when one overindulges.
Encouraging consistent use of Essentiale® Extreme.


theSALT handpicked influencers from multiple universities based on specific criteria and healthy lifestyles.
Here they received schooling on the complexities and role of the liver, product and dosage specifics.
In addition, they were also taught the campaign objectives at an interactive training session.
 Influencers also received guidance on expected ambassadorial behaviour as well as social media posting guidelines.



• Each influencer’s car received branding with clever, eye-catching design and a call to action.
• The call to action was: “Ask me how you can ensure a healthier liver”.
• This acted as a tool to invite conversation and questions from the interested community and strangers.


• Social media scenes focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle in union with Essentiale ® Extreme.
• Posts highlighted how to purchase as well as engaged with the influencers’ community members on the product’s USPs.
• User generated content coupled with branded vehicles created a true sense of brand ambassadorship where influencers acted as experts.



Influencer received educational pamphlets.
These pamphlets were distributed to curious parties interested in learning more about Essentiale ® Extreme’s.
Members of Essentiale ® Extreme with theSALT conducted a focus group towards the end of the campaign.
This group derived valuable insight into what the influencers had heard, seen and spoken about during the campaign.


“This has been a great experience and thank you to the team for being professional and always willing to go the extra mile”
– Neliana Horn | Product Manager
Sanofi South Africa

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