Leverage small dog owners loyal to the PEDIGREE ® brand.
Equip these owners with tools to share their positive experience with the re-launched Small Breed variant.


Educate potential consumers on PEDIGREE ®’s superior nutritional quality compared to cheaper alternatives.
Highlighting the importance of correct portion control and the impact PEDIGREE ® has on dogs oral care, digestion, skin and coat.


Create an emotional connection with the brand’s belief that every dog deserves leading nutrition.


Influencers chosen based on specific criteria including motivational letters around their furry friends, attended an interactive briefing session with the PEDIGREE ® team.
• Influencers receive training on the campaign objectives as well as their trusted brand heritage.
With theSALT’s conversation triggers in place, impactful and valuable conversations are facilitated within their micro-communities.



• Striking as well as creative car branding placed on the influencers’ vehicles, including a dog on the window was effective.
• Impactful conversations through the car branding created engagement.
• Friends, family as well as strangers felt encouraged to engage with the influencers about the brand.


• Engaging social media scenes aided in triggering further valuable online communication.
• PEDIGREE ®’s social media scenes focused on educating small dog owner’s about PEDIGREE ®’s value for money.
• The importance of portion control, useful pet-care tips and where one could purchase PEDIGREE ® is also shared.



Each influencer received samples to distribute to interested small dog owners.
• These samples created positive conversation around the importance of good dog nutrition.
Educational pamphlets aided in imparting critical knowledge on transferring a dog to new food.
• On top of that, influencers shared the benefits of changing to PEDIGREE ®.


“I enjoyed how much my furry friend’s coat improved, weight has come down and has become healthier. I feel I helped people become aware of the quantity they should be feeding their adorable pooches. They also became more aware of all the goodness the food” – Candice Robbins

“I will not change off Pedigree – I noticed that my dog’s coats are looking so much better than before. They also eat very small amounts so it is definitely value for money” – Tanya James

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