Training of influencers on how to educate family and friends on selecting the best product for their loved ones grooming needs.


Using Mom’s as well as Dad’s to spread the word that grooming product choices are not complicated.


Demystify the male grooming category for potential buyers over Father’s Day.


Interactive training session where Philips met the influencers.
Every influencer received a tailored Philips hamper after submitting their detailed grooming needs.
Influencers learn on how to engage with their community whilst asking questions about grooming habits.
This served as a mini consultation, allowing influencers to suggest the best-suited product for their needs.
Armed with in-depth knowledge and theSALT’s conversation triggers, valuable conversations took place.



• Armed with in-depth knowledge conversations took place within the influencers’ micro-communities.
• Influencers got branding of Philips on their cars as well as engaged within their micro-communities.


• Offline conversations ranged from influencers friends requesting information to valuable information spread.
• Influencer’s friends indicated that they will buy a shaver as well as asked where they can buy it.


“The influencer marketing platform is the next level of word of mouth and it is powerful and should be an integral part of clients communication plan.

I LOVED the car branding as well as found much value in it!!

The influencers’ social media content was done in a very authentic way as well as at a time when consumers are very savvy, authenticity is key to get them to pay attention to you let alone comment.

Team have been very professional, eager to consistently add value as well as make the program work better for client. I do apologise for not always being available to take advantage of this

“Influencers engaged with their network as well as reached new potential customers.

This increased levels of trust and created a higher possibility that friends/family would become customers.

theSALT has worked well and is a very effective marketing tool

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