Urge youth to become #BETHE1 blood donors through SANBS, Cristiano Ronaldo and theSALT.


Recruit local students influencers to raise awareness and educate on the importance of donating blood.

Target Market

Target market – Create awareness through students at universities, students hang-outs as well as social hotspots.


Influencers matched to the following criteria:

• Full-time university students:
SA youth aren’t interested in donating blood, a job needs to be done to change their attitude and behaviour towards donating for a cause

• Skewed towards black consumers:
Black South Africans face certain fears and myths when it comes to donating blood. SANBS wanted to fight these myths through education, by driving a message of the importance of blood donation in saving lives.


• The SANBS welcomed the influencers to the family.
• We shared campaign objectives and micro-influencers’ role in achieving these.
• We then took them through the SANBS brand heritage and insights.
• Subject experts elevated the influencers.



• Branding vehicles offered great visual exposure as it carried the creative of Renaldo the football player.
• Tying into the Ronaldo “#BETHE1” campaign creative amplified the conversations as well as attention around the vehicles.


• theSALT used influencers social media platforms to engage with the target audience.
• This happened via the publishing of authentic user-generated content on Facebook.
• This task got influencers create awareness around fixed donor sites as well as that 1 donation saves 3 lives.
• Posting a picture of them donating with their friends as well as family.


“People stopped me everywhere I went to ask about the Ronaldo branding on my car as well as what the goal of the campaign was. This allowed me to tell them about the importance of saving lives through donating blood”. – Zibusiso Nkomo

“It’s was a pleasure to be an ambassador for this Be The 1 campaign. I am proud of what it stands for as well as that I for making a difference”. – Tenneill Naidoo

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