Selecting trusted as well as respected influencers within the Limpopo region.
Influencers to act as the voice on the ground whilst having an impactful face to face conversations.


Educate Twizza’s strong family orientation as well as the proudly South African heritage.
Show high-quality products as well as state of the art production facilities across the country.


Promote samples of Twizza’s extensive range through influencers.
Re-introduce the brand to the Limpopo region.


 Facebook training to reach influencers in remote locations.
Q&A sessions as well as surveys for the influencers, to ensure ample as well as correct knowledge of the Twizza brand.
Influencers trained extensively on what elements to highlight as well as the high quality of the product.
Influencers are welcomed in Limpopo onto the campaign with the Twizza brand team as well as theSALT.



• Twizza’s rainbow-esque car branding triggered conversations in key environments.
• This proved to be a prominent factor in offline conversations.


• Social posts focusing on Twizza’s impact on their everyday lifestyle.
• Positive sentiment around Twizza was a recurring theme in the influencers posts.
• Community members shared their favorite flavors as well their drinking way.



Influencers, equipped with ample stock to ensure widespread, targeted sampling of Twizza’s range in their communities.
 Friends, family, as well as community members, tried each flavour prior purchasing.
93% of influencers said that sampling made buying easier.
77% of the influencers felt that engaged people who tried the product were most likely to buy immediately.


• “Wherever I go I get stopped all the time, everyone wants to know about Twizza and where to buy it” – Tumi Moloele.
• “Sampling is key. I always have some product for them to taste and then get a chance to explain more about the Twizza brand. I also tell them about other flavours” – Siphelele Ngcongo.
• “In many conversations, I have a lot of people asking me about the drink and why I love it. That has been the most common question I encounter” – Tshilidzi Musenwa

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