Expose the brand to dealerships in small towns as a tool to generate new business, drive app downloads as well as traffic to their site.
Drive the website to be as the go-to platform in smaller towns.

Social Media

Create social media presence in the towns via social media posts from residents to add further context to the campaign.


Use influencers to engage with consumers as well as encourage trial of the platform.
Create more consistent dialogue around


The team interacted with the influencers at individual briefing sessions.
Here they received the brief as well as education on the platform, campaign objectives as well as requirements.
Influencers received the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of as the leading platform in its sector.



• Vehicles needed to provide exposure in and around the specific towns as well as dealerships.
• Branding of very specific vehicles upheld the positioning.
• The branding made influencers identifiable in environments.
• Most importantly, branding stimulated on-going conversation within their micro-communities.


• Social media themes focused on app downloads and functionality, convenience and vehicle variety, in a fun as well as engaging way.
• Informative and personal scenes allowed influencers to mould communication in their unique style.


“I definitely think that the influencer marketing model works. It’s more cost-effective than traditional advertising solutions as well as is very impactful as a result of the influencer interactions.

I am surprised by the lengths the influencers went. They are very involved as well as show passion for our brand. We tracked the sales results and were very happy with the outcome. Other metrics we used was to track website traffic in the targeted areas as well as saw an increase in visits as well as time spent.”
– Kevin van Deventer | Marketing & Insights Executive

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