We're influencer driven marketing experts.

92% of consumers say they trust earned media.

Influencer marketing uses individuals who can influence potential customers or groups of customers. Social media has amplified the reach of influencers and shifted the balance of power from brands to the customer.

Why do you need influencer driven marketing?

Your brand is no longer about what you tell your customers it is. It’s about what they tell each other it is. Which means that you need to find new ways to build trust with them, because brands no longer have all the power when it comes to communicating about their brand – consumers do it on social media, blogs as well as review forums.

Opinions from social media travel directly to consumers. They receive personal messages from your influencer that reinforce your marketing message. This lends credibility and becomes an ingredient that is vital to the success of any marketing meal.

Your consumers are rock stars. More importantly, they’re your rock stars. Harnessing the power of enhanced word of mouth, they will tell your brand's story for you.

theSALT's influencers have branded vehicles as trigger points, engage in social media within their communities and conduct trustworthy word of mouth conversations. Your brand becomes an integral part of their lives. theSALT creates unparalleled visual exposure and engagement for our clients. This type of influencing encourages viewers to engage with a brand when they associate the influencer with it. Ambassadors are priceless because they influence people into buying decisions

How can theSALT help you?

TheSALT has built a database with more than 100 000 registered potential brand advocates. Each individual has completed a 60-question entry form that covers lifestyle, daily activities, brand consumption habits, shopping habits, as well as family life and travel habits.
This process has provided us with rich data about each person, which we filter to ensure that:

  • They are emotionally engaged with your brand message
  • Sharing information, solving problems and helping others is an integral part of their personality
  • They have a need to contribute and be recognized.
  • Alignment to influencers within communities represents the exact target market
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